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  Hourly Rates  

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  Vehicle Type Hourly Minimum  
  Luxury Sedan $ 50.00 2 hours  
  Mercedes Benz S-Series $ 65.00 3 hours  
  BMW 7-series $ 65.00 3 hours  
  SUV 6 or 7-pass $ 60.00 2 hours  
  VAN 10 to 14-pass $ 60.00 2 hours  
  Stretch Limousine 10-pass $ 90.00 2 hours  


All rides are billed to the customers credit card. We accept American Express, Master Card, and Visa.
All out of pocket charges, including tolls, parking , and a service charge will be added to your bill.

Waiting time:

For airport pick-ups: a 20-minute grace period is given after posted flight arrival time for domestic flights and a 35-minute grace period for international flights. For non-airport pick-ups: a grace period of 10 minutes is given. After the grace period(s) have elapsed, waiting time is charged at the appropriate vehicle hourly rate, unless we have a prior agreement with the customer.

  Extra stops:  
  Stop in boroughs en-route to Out of Town destinations: $20
  Out of route borough stops: Full fare
  Stop out of town:
  Furthest town: Full fare
  Town in route: Half fare
  Additional stop in the same town: $10
  Cancellation and NO SHOW charges:  
  Cancellations- Manhattan Pick-ups:  
  For Manhattan Rides, you will be billed if the ride is not cancelled prior to the car arriving on site.
  Cancellation charges for Manhattan are billed at the lowest zone-to-zone rate.
  Cancellations- Borough and Out of Town Pick-ups:  
  You will be billed if the ride not cancelled prior to being dispatched for all borough (1 hour before pick-up) and out-of-town (2 hours) rides.
  Cancellation charges are billed at the full rate for the ride from Manhattan.
  For New Jersey residents, cancellation charges are billed at the full fare of the job.
  No Show Charges:  
  If you do not see your driver at the pick-up point as scheduled, particularly at an airport, PLEASE CALL US at 973-229-9953.
  If the driver has not met you within 15 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, he will call the dispatch office, which will attempt to reach you via your call-back numbers.
  If they are unable to do so, the car will be released and you will be charged the cancellation charge for the ride, PLUS the waiting time until the car is released.
  Pick up Guarantee:  
  Every confirmed airport reservations will be picked up within 5 minutes of the request time.
  For all confirmed airport reservations, the customer will be able to contact the driver within 15 minutes of their call to 973-229-9953.
  If these guarantees are not met, VIP All State Service will reimburse the customer for comparably priced alternate transportation. For pick-up guarantee to be valid, customer must notify VIP All State Service at 973-229-9953 prior to taking alternate transportation.
  If above guarantees cant be met due to conditions outside of the drivers control, including winter caused by unsafe road conditions (i.e. not salted, accidents, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)
  VIP All State Service will do whatever is necessary to notify the customers of these conditions.
  Hourly charges:  
  Sedan: $45/hour 2 hour minimum
  Limousine, vans, buses: call for a quote
  Out of Manhattan: Sedans are charged at point to point rates plus applicable charges for waiting time, tolls, stops, and additional services for all states, excluding New Jersey.
  For New Jersey Residents, sedans are charged $45/hour 2 hour minimum.
  Base fare operates on a point-to-point basis.
  Waiting time, tolls, and stops are additional charges.
  All rides are subject to voucher service charge.
  If you need additional services, ask for the price at the time of reservation.
  Additional Services. Additional charges apply for:  
  Meet and Greet charges at airports
  Weekend and Night surcharges
  Sports Stadium pick-ups
  Package Delivery
  Child Seats
  Cell phone use

For our latest rates and specials please call us toll free at
(888) 530-3720

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